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The HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Fans have become the choice for people looking for proper air circulation at their large facilities. May it be barns, warehouses, restaurants, railway stations, etc., these fans serve the purpose of proper airflow, ventilation, and eliminating hot and cold spots. Still thinking, if these fans can meet your requirement? Here is a small checklist that will help you before making a decision for HVLS fans for your workspace.


  • Is the workspace unobstructed and open enough?
  • What processes can a breeze hurt?
  • What will be the temperature of the air that will be circulated?
  • What will be the Power requirements?
  • How is the light situated and placed?
  • Will the availability of the fire sprinklers affect the installation?
  • Is there a need for one or more fans at the facility?
  • What is the quantity of air needed?

The fans are designed to manage the airflow, without increasing the electricity bills. The rate of interest is generally less than 3 years. If we talk about the Railway Station Fan (HVLS), these not only help in keeping the station well-ventilated but also keep the train engine smoke and other odors at bay, as the place is super crowded. These fans are low to no-noise level, ensure excellent movement of air, eliminating the hot and cold spots and proper ventilation. If we talk about cost reduction, the fan consumes relatively less power and is also easy to maintain. There are Railway Station Fan manufacturers, who are acclaimed to offer something that meets the airflow requirements at a big space like that of any railway station. Moreover, these fans are available in various sizes, variants, and specifications to meet the requirements of the application areas.

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