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What Do You Understand By Industrial Ceiling Fan?

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In industrial and large commercial spaces, one of the major concerns is maintaining air quality, regulating temperature, and proper ventilation. These issues are important to be taken care of as these ultimately reflect in the performance of the employees. Heating or cooling a large space itself is a very expensive affair. Thus, industrial ceiling fans not only meet the cooling & heating needs but also reduces the power consumption cost and are easy to maintain. Not all fans can be used in industrial spaces. It is important to analyze the area and accordingly install an industrial fan so that performs effectively.

General-Purpose Ceiling Fan V/s Industrial Ceiling Fan

Durability - The industrial fans are designed rugged enough to last long under continuous use. In the general purpose fan, the construction is light duty, making it apt for small offices and homes. The industrial ceiling fan is made up of heavy-duty bearings and materials. The construction and welding are more rugged that that in the general purpose fans. Industrial fans are also praised for their low maintenance feature.

Capacity / Size - Although, on a general basis, the industrial fans are huge but not always. At times a general purpose can be bigger than an industrial fan. Thus, it is important to know the specifications before making use of an industrial fan in the workspace. On average, an industrial fan gives an output ranging between 200 CFM to 100,000 CFM. When compared, the general purpose fan gives an output of around 2000CFM.

Austar Technologies is one of the finest Industrial Ceiling Fan Manufacturers in India. We are praised for delivering products that solve problems like airflow, ventilation, and temperature management using one single installation. In addition to this, these fans can also be used in reverse mode, making them ideal to be used during winters when warmer working conditions are required.  

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