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HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Fans are kind of mechanical or industrial fans which have greater than 7 feet (2.1m) diameter for spreading uniform air throughout the room. They offer tremendous benefits and investing in them would be the smartest choice ever. With our years of experience, Austar Technologies – one of the best Manufacturers of HVLS Fan in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we empower industrial power through our extensive range of big ceiling fans. Every unit is as per the standards and industry guidelines and will not let our clients down.

Benefits Of Our HVLS Fans Over Conventional Ceiling/Wall Mounted Fans:

  • Even Out Temperature: HVLS Fans de-stratify the air and balance the temperature out, so the air can reach till the ground and offer better cooling. It moves slowly yet can distribute a large amount of air at low rotational speed, which is opposite of conventional ceiling fans because they run on the principle of Low Volume High Speed.
  • Extra Money In Your Pockets: Do you want to save a few bucks extra? Who doesn't – right? Just replace your conventional fans with Industrial HVLS Fans and you are good to go. They reduce power cost and doesn’t require maintenance in very short intervals, all in all, ensures saving in long-run.
  • Suitable For Industrial Sectors: Since HVLS Big Industrial Fan provides uniform cooling throughout the facility, you can choose them for workshops/buildings bigger than 2500 sq. Ft & roof height more than 18 Ft.

Features Of Austar HVLS Fans:

  • Air quality – breeze air (a gentle wind)
  • Workers can comfortably sit for 10–12 hours
  • The human body will feel 4 to 5 degrees less heat because of its wind chill effects, which makes the air feel colder than it because of the chilling effect of the wind on the skin
  • Also, it reduces power consumption by 30% to 70%
  • It may reduce the capital cost of ventilation equipment

Comparison Between Conventional Ceiling Fans/Wall Mounted Fans And HVLS Fans


Conventional Ceiling 
Fans/Wall Mounted Fans



Maximum up to 36” (36Inch) Diameter.

8 feet to 24feet Diameter

Area Coverage

Need 100 No of Fans for 15000 Sq. feet Area

Need Only 1 Fan for 15000 Sq. feet Area

Power Consumption

2.5 Watt / Sq. Feet Area

0.1 Watt / Sq. Feet Area

Air Quality

Low Volume of Air at High Speed.

High Volume of Air at low Velocity


Gives Artificial feel.

Gives Natural Breeze Air feel.


Person gets irritated after certain time

Person can stay/work for longer hours comfortably.



Very Low




Capital Cost



Operating cost




Return On Investment. (ROI)

Earlier imported fans were available in Indian market which cost customers the fortune and make their affordability difficult, but now AUSTAR has HVLS Fan (Made In India) to cater the demand without breaking their budgets.

Here’s A Case Study That Give A Brief Of Return On Investment:


15000 Square Feet

Working Hours

20 Hours

Working days in a month

25 days

Total working Hours in a Year

20 * 25 * 12 = 6000 hours

No. of Conventional Ceiling Fans required

100 Nos

No. of HVLS Fan required

1 No.

Total Cost of Conventional Fans

1000 x 100 = Rs. 1,00,000

Total Cost of HVLS Fan

Rs. 3,24,000/-

Paying Extra Initial cost

Rs. 2,24,000/-

Power Consumption of Conventional ceiling Fan

2.5 watt / Sq. ft = 6 KW

Power Consumption of Conventional HVLS Fan

0.1 watt / Sq. ft = 1.5 KW

Power Saving per Hour

6 – 1.5 = 4.5 KW

Per Hour power expense saving ( Considering Rs. 7 / Unit )

Rs. 31.5/-

Total Months of return on Investment

2,24,000 / ( 31.5 * 20 * 25 )
= 14.22 Months = 15 Months


Why Us For HVLS Fan In India?

  • Noted among the best HVLS Fan Manufacturers
  • Have best in the world solutions available
  • Designs are based on advanced technology
  • Reliable designs and customized models
  • Competitive prices to fit your needs the best

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What Are HVLS Fan?

If we put it in simple words, HVLS Fans are large fans with big blades used to spread the uniform cooling throughout the facility. These get hung to the ceiling without any cords that make them quicker to install and safer for varied environments. There are no specific tripping hazards associated with the same, and hence, they are best and give value for money. If you are interested in buying HVLS Fans in India and want to know why they are so important, go on.

What Difference Do They Make In Your Industry?

Now, when it comes to what difference they make, so with them, you can keep your electricity bill to a minimum. They provide more cooling than other cooling options available. They move at low speed yet spread the right amount of cooling to a large area uniformly. They maintain the right temperature and keep employees comfortable and increase their productivity. So, using them can make a difference, and all the benefits justify the statement.

Where To Get HVLS Fans In India?

If you are interested, we are one of the leading HVLS Fans Manufacturers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat that you can consider for your custom orders. We are waiting to hear from you. We assure you that their performance will give you value for money.

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