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Do you know what are the Big Fans On Railway Stations Called? Those are HVLS Fans, which stand for High Volume Low Speed fans. The size of the fans can range from 7ft to 24ft, with the speed of operation ranging between 61-220rpm (Rounds Per Minute). Further, these are also available in various horsepower (hp) options such as 5/8 hp, 3/4 hp, or 1 hp. The construction material is light in weight which makes these large fans easy to install.

These large fans are wall-mounted and praised for their attributes. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Talking of the air quality a gentle wind (breeze air) is assured.
  • At working space, these fans can assure 10–12 hours of comfortable working.
  • Due to its wind chill effects, the temperature gets cooler by almost 5 degrees.
  • Also, it reduces power consumption by 30% to 70%

Why You Should Go For Big Fans On Railway Stations?

Here is a list of some important reasons that you should consider before purchasing big fans (HVLS) for air circulation and ventilation in your workspace.

  • The fans are efficient compared to the conventional fans
  • Works efficiently in all climates and conditions
  • Easy installation and low maintenance cost
  • Value for investment
  • Silent operations and 360° airflow
  • Broad blades for better air circulation
  • Problems related to moisture and humidity are put at bay

The Best For Railway Station Fans Manufacturer?

Make sure you contact Railway Station Fans Manufacturer that meets the below-mentioned criteria. The below-mentioned conditions should be fulfilled to ensure a genuine quality product.

  • Well-equipped facility to provide customized demands
  • Understand demands and provide solutions accordingly
  • Assure timely delivery with zero delays
  • Follow industry guidelines
  • Meet the internationally accepted specifications
  • Renowned among the trustworthy Railway Station Fan Manufacturers

With an extensive range of HVLS Fans in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Austar Technologies is one of the foremost Manufacturers of Railway Station Fans.

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